Beynac-et-Cazenac: a medieval jewel in the heart of the Dordogne

Beynac-et-Cazenac, located in the Périgord Noir region of the Dordogne, is an authentic village that seems to have stepped straight out of the Middle Ages. With its cliff-side houses overlooking the Dordogne River, this village offers a journey back in time through its cobbled streets, golden stone houses and imposing medieval castle.

An imposing castle steeped in history

The feudal Château de Beynac, one of the best preserved and most impressive in the region, dominates the village and surrounding valley. Built in the 12th century, it played a strategic role during the Hundred Years’ War and witnessed numerous confrontations between the French and English. Today, visitors can explore its towers, ramparts and richly furnished rooms, while enjoying exceptional panoramic views over the Dordogne valley.

A Village with Intact Charm

Strolling through the narrow streets of Beynac-et-Cazenac, you’re immediately transported to another era. The houses, built of the region’s typical golden limestone, feature slate roofs and mullioned windows. Small craft stores, inviting cafés (such as the Vinothèque with its stunning view of the château from the banks of the Dordogne) and restaurants (such as La Petite Tonnelle) serving Périgourdine specialities add to the village’s timeless charm. Every street corner offers a new picturesque perspective, perfect for photography enthusiasts.

Surrounded by generous, unspoilt nature

The village of Beynac-et-Cazenac is surrounded by lush natural surroundings that invite you to discover and relax. The Dordogne River, which meanders peacefully at the foot of the village, is ideal for canoe or boat excursions, offering a unique perspective on the surrounding cliffs and castles. Hiking trails allow visitors to immerse themselves in the rolling landscapes of the Dordogne, dotted with forests and verdant meadows.