Hot-air balloon flights and prices

Our flights over the Dordogne

Hot-air balloon flights always take place either in the morning at sunrise, or in the evening before sunset.

To fly safely, the atmosphere needs stability. There must be no updrafts, and no winds exceeding 15 knots.

That’s why every balloon flight depends on weather conditions, and only the pilot can decide whether or not to go ahead with the flight. In the event of cancellation, you will be offered a postponement.

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Rendezvous for your hot-air balloon flight

Once your flight has been confirmed (by SMS or telephone), we’ll meet you at sunrise (+/- 1 hour later) or in the late afternoon. Times vary according to the season. Our DSAC-approved take-off site is located in our guest house in Saint Vincent de Cosse.

The pilot sends a sounding balloon into the air to assess wind direction and speed. At the time of the flight, he may decide to cancel the flight for safety reasons, depending on the actual weather conditions on the ground, which may differ from those forecast by the meteorological services.

Once on the ground, the crew, made up of the pilot and the crew member, called the “retrouveur”, will welcome you and give you instructions for the flight. We recommend that you read the flight instructions and tips on your tickets.

The pilot will be calling on a few volunteers to help with the set-up and preparations for take-off.

Organizing and preparing the flight is already an adventure! Balloon inflation is a magical moment.

Let’s go for a 1-hour balloon ride!

Once you’ve taken your place aboard the balloon and listened to the pre-launch briefing, all you have to do is open your eyes wide, because take-off – the moment when the balloon “becomes lighter” than the surrounding air – is extraordinary.

The balloon rises gently and the landscape gradually unfolds. You’ll appreciate nature, landscapes and heritage, and be won over by the atmosphere and serenity of ballooning. Depending on location and weather conditions, ballooning can take place at altitudes ranging from 300 m to 1000 m.

After a hot-air balloon ride

After an hour’s flight, the pilot looks for a landing area and informs his teammate on the ground, by radio, of the landing site. Before landing, the pilot reminds you of the instructions you need to follow to ensure your comfort.

Once the balloon has landed, it has to be deflated, which can take several dozen minutes. Then it’s time to pack up all the equipment, with the help of the passengers.

Before returning home, we share a “pot de l’aérostier”, a moment of conviviality and exchange between passengers and pilot on this unforgettable moment.

Prices of our hot-air balloon flights

Discount if you stay in our
guest house Les Hauts de Saint Vincent.

One passenger (adult) 215 €

Two passengers (adults) 420€ (210€ per person)

Three passengers (adults) 615€ (205€ per person)

Four passengers (adults) 800€ (200€ per person)

Children aged 8 to 12 * 130 €

Children aged 8 and over, minimum height 1.25 m, must be accompanied by an adult.

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