Flight & Pricing

Hot air balloon flights

Hot air balloon flights always take place either at Sunrise or before sunset. Indeed, to Fly securely, atmosphere needs stability. Neither upstreams, nor wind above 15 nots. This is why, each flight depends on weather conditions; only the pilot can decide to fly or to cancel.

The flight will be confirmed the day before via SMS or phone call. In case of cancellation, the flight will be postponed until favorable weather conditions are met.

Meeting point

Once flight has been confirmed, we meet on the field at sunrise or before sunset (timing depends on the season).

Pilot can decide to cancel the flight for safety reasons depending on real weather conditions on-site (which can be different from forecasts).

Our take-off takes place on a field acquainted by DSAC. It is located at Saint Vincent de Cosse on our B&B ; If you stay overnight, you will walk directly to the take-off platform.
Once on the field, the team welcomes you and gives you the briefing for the flight.

We recommend that passengers read instructions and advice given on their tickets

The pilot and his team, with the help of the passengers, prepare the inflating of the balloon.

Take-off preparation is already an adventure !
It’s a magical moment. Once the balloon is steady and inflated, pilot does the latest check-up before boarding.

Let’s go for a one hour flight !

Once you’ve boarded and listened to pilot instructions, just open your eyes and enjoy !
Take-off is a magical moment, when you will feel lighter than air. Landscape will appear progressively …
You’ll enjoy nature, breathtaking landscapes, and peace and serenity given by a hot air balloon flight. Depending on weather conditions, the balloon will fly between 300 m and 1000 m.

After the journey

After one hour, the pilot is looking for a field for the landing. The « retrouveur » in his 4×4 is following and will meet you on-site.

For landing, pilot will give you instructions for your comfort and safety.

You’ll appreciate pilot precision for landing though he has limited means to lead the balloon. Then comes deflating, which can take 10-20 minutes, and, of course the storage of all equipment.

For this stage, your help will be appreciated, which is part of the adventure !

Then, we’ll share together a toast, a friendly moment between passengers and pilot.


Special price if you stay a night at our B&B
Les Hauts de Saint Vincent (see Where to stay).

One passenger €215

Two passengers 420€ (210€/person)

Three passengers 615€ (205€/person)

Four passengers 800€ (200€/person)

For kids under 12 * €130

* kids accepted from 8 year old and a minimum height of 1,25 m and must be accompanied by an adult.