You have questions or concerns, find here the answers and feel free to contact us if there are questions that remain unsolved, we’ll be happy to help !

What are your measures to prevent COVID-19 ?

Our measures to prevent COVID-19 :

  • Due to the size of our basket, 1 m physical distanciation isn’t possible, that is why face mask is a mandatory  during flight and car transfers.
    If you forget it, a surgery mask will be provided.
  • Each passenger must provide a sworn attesting they are not presenting any symptoms of COVID infection.
  • Hydro-alcoholic gel will be available to disinfect hands before and after flight.
  • Our transfer vehicle is disinfected with virucide (contact surfaces) and ventilated during 3H minimum after each flight
  • Our basket is cleaned and disinfected before each flight (contact areas: rim, handles, rod uprights and protections) ) with virucide .

Altitude and vertigo, can I fly in hot air balloon anyway if I am sensitive to vertigo ?

Contrary to popular belief, you will not experience any sensation of dizziness during the flight. This phenomenon only occurs when you are in contact with the ground.

What physical conditions are requested for a hot air balloon flight ?

There are no medical restrictions for a hot air balloon flight, except pregnancy and persons having knees or hip prostheses or heart problems. You just need to be in good health !

If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a doctor in order to check if you are in good physical condition for a flight in a hot air balloon.

What are the age restrictions to fly in hot air balloon ?

There is no age limit to ride in the hot air balloon. The only requirement is that you must be able to stand up in the basket for about one hour, and be in general good health.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult and be at least 1.20m tall so that they can see what goes on above the basket.

What shall I wear for my hot air balloon flight ?

We advise you to wear comfortable clothes appropriate to the time of year. You dont need to worry about the cold, but it might be a good idea to bring a woolly jumper since it can get chilly before a morning flight or after an evening flight. Wear preferably closed, flat shoes, and bring a hat or cap.

Can we all fly together in the hot air balloon ?

Our basket is suitable for 3 passengers maximum but if you are a large group, we can recommend you some friends balloon companies nearby.

What happens if weather is not good ?

We plan the flight in advance and confirm it the day before if weather forecast is good. If it’s not the case, we postpone the flight. If no postponement is possible, we refund the ticket.

How long is the hot air balloon flight ?

Flight lasts around 1 hour but you have to add setting up and packing up of the balloon after landing, and of course, return to the starting point as well as the toast to share good moments of the flight. So it will take around 3 hours in total.

Does the balloon come back to its starting point ?

Wind is leading the path. Landing point is thus, different from take-off point. But be reassured, our team member will pick us up at landing.

Do you have an insurance in case of problem ?

Vol en Ballon has declared its activity to DSAC (Direction de la Sécurité Aérienne Civile), in accordance with the regulations. However, boarding less than 4 passengers at each flight, we don’t need an air carrier certificate.However, we apply the same requirements.

Vol en ballon has an insurance policy with a specialized company guaranteeing the risk of professional civil liability and compensation for any damage suffered by the passengers transported by her, except the damage of objects, clothing, cameras, prosthesis internal or external.

You will be asked to communicate your weight, this is important because this information is necessary to estimate the gaz quantity for the flight.